Upgrade to the gold standard in supplier payments.

Relay is the payments platform with everything you need to streamline payables and give suppliers access to affordable cashflow, on demand.

Stand out as a best-in-class payer.

Support the growth and success of your suppliers with access to low-cost

early payment when they need it most.

Give suppliers dynamic payment options and let them choose when to get paid.

Automate your payables and enable real-time invoice status updates for suppliers.

Control supplier eligibility and your cash allocation towards prompt payment.

Improve supplier relationships

Optimise working capital

Strengthen your supply chain

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How does it work?

1. Approve supplier invoices

2. Offer prompt payment

3. Earn a risk-free return

Import approved invoices from your ERP, accounting software, or through Relay's payables automation tools. Choose which suppliers are eligible for early payment.

Select how much to allocate towards early payment each month. Suppliers can claim instant payment on approved invoices at affordable rates.

We pay you cashback rewards when you make early payments. Your suppliers are paid immediately using your allocated cash reserve.

Why Relay?

Make the best possible use of your cash balance

Deploy low-interest-bearing cash deposits to increase yield, without increasing risk. 

Reduce costs and increase efficiency

Raise productivity by eliminating paperwork and manual processing. Automate your invoice approvals process and simplify your monthly payment run.

Strengthen your supply chain

Give your suppliers access to a low-cost source of funds. Improve relationships and support the financial stability of your suppliers.

Relay is the payables platform that pays for itself.

Optimise your cash cycle and create a revenue stream from your finance team.

Troubleshoot invoice issues quickly and easily

Message suppliers directly within Relay to query invoices and resolve issues before they cause problems.

Optimise approvals workflow

Track supplier invoices from receipt to payment and resolve bottlenecks faster. Notify suppliers when invoices have been approved and scheduled for payment.

Streamlined on-boarding


Suppliers are up and running in minutes with online workflows and dedicated support from our customer success team.

Welcome to the future of business payments.

Implement in minutes. Setup and use Relay for free.