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PURE NZ Ice Cream uses Relay in time of capital investment

PURE NZ Ice Cream is a handcrafted, artisan ice cream brand created directly in Wanaka, New Zealand. Built on the values of “nothing artificial - ever”, “intensely delicious flavours” and “leave only the lightest touch on the environment”, PURE has built its name in the market as the most natural, premium ice cream brand.

The small but mighty team of 5 people at PURE prepare, churn, package and dispatch all products by hand to ensure attention to detail and highest quality from gate to freezer.

Brian Thomas, one of the owners, has an entrepreneurial background having owned tourist accommodation and marketing businesses in the past. He bought PURE in 2018 and since then the business has been on an impressive growth trajectory. PURE is the proud recipient of countless industry awards, is supplying 140 NZ supermarkets and has started exporting to Japan - one of the fastest growing export markets in the world.

“We’re really proud of what PURE’s Artisan Team have achieved: we've won 20 industry awards since 2018 - bringing the total to 70 awards, increased our NZ supermarket count to around 140, become the premium ice cream supplier to Domino’s nationally and have begun exporting PURE to Japan."

Brian looks after everything in the business that isn't production or supply chain related - from finance and bookkeeping to marketing, logistics and business development. Brian keeps a close eye on the payment collection of up to 200 invoices per month during peak time periods. PURE deals with accounts that are either on monthly or two-weeks payment terms, so smoothing out the flow of money coming in and out of the business is essential.

“We’re consuming supplies all through the month - in large quantities. On the other hand, some customers only pay at the end of the month. Using Relay's early payment option helps to smooth out cashflow."

While it’s useful to manage and smooth out the cashflow of trading expenses, early invoice payments provided an even bigger benefit for PURE when it came to investing in their growth. Brian received an early payment offer through Farro during a time of capital expenditure and the offer couldn’t have come at a better time.

“We were in a time of capital investment - buying equipment like pasteurisers and batch freezers. On top of that, our international expansion comes with significant costs having to comply with regulatory requirements."

PURE received an early payment offer as part of Farro's early payment programme. Grocery retail buyers like Farro can work with Relay to offer their suppliers early payment of their invoices to support them with affordable access to cash.

“During this time of capital expenditure we got the early payment email from Relay and we thought - wow that’s just perfect timing.”

If you want to find out how Relay can help your business with cashflow, get in touch.


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