Earn cash back rewards for prompt payment

Relay is the payments platform that good operators use to optimise working capital and save money by paying suppliers promptly.

Turn payables into income

Relay pays you instant cash back rewards when you pay suppliers promptly.

Decide your preferred rate of return and let your suppliers choose when they get paid.

You control supplier eligibility and how much cash is allocated to prompt payment.

Improve supplier relationships

Optimise working capital

Increase yield on surplus cash

How does it work?

1. Select supplier invoices

Import approved supplier invoices from your ERP or accounting software. Choose which invoices are eligible for prompt payment.

2. Offer prompt payment

3. Earn cash back rewards

Tell us how much you want to allocate to pay suppliers early and set your preferred rate of return. We generate a dynamic prompt payment offer to your suppliers.

We pay you cash back instantly if your offer is accepted. Your suppliers are paid immediately using the cash you reserved for prompt payment.

Why Relay?

Generate a higher rate of return on surplus cash

Increase earnings by deploying surplus cash to generate income from cash back rewards. Reduce costs, improve gross margin and increase yield without increasing risk.

Strengthen your supply chain

Give your suppliers access to a low cost source of funds. Improve relationships and support the financial stability of your suppliers.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency

Raise productivity by eliminating paperwork and manual processing. Automate your invoice approvals process and simplify your monthly payment run.

Relay is the cash management platform that pays for itself

Optimise your cash cycle and create a revenue stream from your finance team.

Troubleshoot invoice issues quickly and easily

Message suppliers within Relay to query invoices and resolve issues before they cause problems.

Optimise your approvals workflow

Track supplier invoices from receipt to payment and identify bottlenecks faster. Notify suppliers when invoices have been approved and scheduled for payment.

Simple setup process and supplier on-boarding

Get suppliers up and running seamlessly with support from our customer success team.

Everything you need to optimise your cash cycle

Secure bank account

Control cash flow with a dedicated bank account to manage working capital. Send and receive payments without sharing your bank details.

Supplier portal

A single place to view, manage and pay all your supplier invoices.

Fraud protection

Protect your business from invoice fraud and ensure that payments are sent to the correct legal entity.

Business directory

Search our directory of verified businesses to find and compare suppliers. Make enquiries, place orders and get the best price when you pay promptly.

Cloud integrations

Automatically reconcile payments to your ERP or accounting software.


Send and receive electronic invoices for free.

Start generating income from surplus cash

Minimal implementation effort, no setup cost and free to use.

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We are a member of the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman dispute resolution scheme.

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