Get serious about good cashflow.

Relay has everything you need to get invoices approved by your customers and paid today.

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Give customers a good reason to pay early.

Relay pays cashback to your customers to reward early payment.

Get invoices paid today.

Set your own fee.

No charges unless invoices are paid early.

Improve cashflow

Reduce debt

Grow your business

How does it work?

1. View approved invoices in Relay

2. Request prompt payment

3. Get paid quickly

If your customer is on Relay, you can view invoice status in real time. If not, load invoices from your accounting software or create them directly in Relay. 

Decide which invoices you would like paid early, and how much you are happy to spend. Enter your own fee and set an expiry date. 

Receive instant payment when your request is accepted. If not, you won't be charged a cent.

Why Relay?

Get quick, easy and low-cost access to cash

No paperwork, no application fees, no borrowing. Just faster payments.

Eliminate the stress and hassle of late payments

Get paid on your terms and spend less time chasing invoice payments.

Grow your business from cashflow

Optimise working capital and redeploy cash back into your business to grow faster.

Save money by reducing debt

Borrow less, take plans off hold, and fund projects with cash in the bank.

Relay is mission control for your cashflow.

Get on top of your finances and invest in your growing business.

Track the status of your invoices in real time

Get notified when your invoices have been viewed, approved and scheduled for payment.

Resolve issues before they impact pay dates

Message customers within Relay to answer invoice queries and correct mistakes before they cause problems.

Automate your payables and save hours every month

Automatically pay your suppliers when you get paid. Earn cash back rewards when your suppliers request prompt payment.

Everything you need to take control of your cashflow

Secure bank account

Control cashflow with a dedicated bank account to manage working capital. Send and receive payments without sharing your bank details.

Customer portal

Give your customers one place to view, manage and pay all your invoices.

Fraud protection

Protect your business from invoice fraud and ensure that payments are sent to the correct legal entity.

Business directory

Search our directory of verified businesses, add your customers, and share price books in one click. 

Cloud integrations

Automatically import bills and invoices directly from your accounting software, ERP or job management app.


Quickly and easily create and send electronic invoices for free.

Take your business to the next level.

Relay is the fastest, easiest way to get money coming in quickly.