Process and pay all your invoices in minutes

Relay helps ambitious finance teams automate manual, repetitive tasks so they can process, approve and pay invoices at scale. 


What our customers are saying


“Relay made it possible to reduce manual data entry and reconciliation time. We can now redirect accounts payable resources to cost accounting, adding more value to the business.”

Peter McKay



Say goodbye to monthly payment runs

Move cash in real-time, get back to business

What if invoice payments were as simple, secure and convenient as card payments? Relay’s business payments network finally makes it possible.

No more tedious, manual admin

Eliminate manual data entry and matching of invoices, POs and receipts. Only deal with exceptions.

Hello real-time visibility

No more back and forth at the end of the month to agree what’s actually payable. Stay aligned with customers and suppliers from order to payment.

Cash that works for everyone

Easily tailor payment terms to improve working capital together with your customers and suppliers. Think win-win.


For small businesses

Get paid on your terms. Quick low-cost access to cash.

You’re running your own business because you love what you do - healthy cashflow helps you make your passion a reality and take your business to the next level.

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Improve cashflow

Get paid today. Access cash at a lower rate than borrowing or overdrafts. Invest in your business and be prepared for the unexpected.


For finance teams

Scale invoice processing and earn cashback on early payments

Your company is growing while adapting to dynamics like remote working and supply chain disruptions. Lead the way and future-proof your finance function.

Automate accounts payable

Do more with less. Paper and pdf invoices are a thing of the past. Move beyond tedious tasks so you can focus on value.

Earn cashback

Give suppliers access to affordable cashflow on demand, while generating bottom line savings for your business.

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Join the real-time payments revolution

Get started with cashflow automation today