Get progress claims paid faster and improve your cash flow

Relay is the payments platform that smart businesses use to control cash flow, get paid quickly and pay suppliers securely.

Give your customers a good reason to pay faster

Relay pays cash back rewards to your customers when they pay you promptly.

You set the rate and are always in control.

Never pay more than the maximum bid you set.

No additional fees.

Improve cash flow

Optimise working capital

Increase ROI

How does it work?

1. Select an invoice

Load invoices from your accounting software or create them directly in Relay. Choose which invoices you want paid faster.

2. Request prompt payment

3. Get paid quickly

Decide when you want to get paid and how much you are happy to spend. Enter your bid and set an expiry date. We'll activate a dynamic cash back reward offer to your customer for payment on or before this date.

You will be paid instantly if your prompt payment request is accepted. There are no additional fees and nothing to pay if you don't get paid before the deadline.

Why Relay?

Get quick, easy and low-cost access to cash

No paperwork, no application fees, no borrowing. Just faster payments.

Eliminate the stress and hassle of late payments

Get paid on your terms and spend less time chasing invoice payments.

Grow your business from cash flow

Optimise working capital and redeploy cash back into your business to grow faster.

Save money by reducing debt

Borrow less, take plans off hold and fund projects with cash in the bank.

Relay is mission control for your cash flow

Take your cash management operations to the next level

Track the status of your invoices in real time

Get notified when your invoices have been viewed, approved and scheduled for payment.

Resolve issues before they impact pay dates.

Message customers within Relay to answer invoice queries and correct mistakes before they cause problems.

Automate your payables and save hours every month

Automatically pay your suppliers when you get paid. Earn cash back rewards when your suppliers request prompt payment.

Everything you need to take control of your cash flow

Secure bank account

Control cash flow with a dedicated bank account to manage working capital. Send and receive payments without sharing your bank details.

Customer portal

Give your customers one place to view, manage and pay all your invoices.

Fraud protection

Protect your business from invoice fraud and ensure that payments are sent to the correct legal entity.

Business directory

Search our directory of verified businesses to find and compare suppliers. Make enquiries, place orders and get the best price when you pay promptly.

Cloud integrations

Automatically import bills and invoices directly from your accounting software, ERP or job management app.


Quickly and easily create and send electronic invoices for free.

Get serious about good cash flow

Relay is the fastest, easiest way to get money coming in quickly.

Frequently asked questions

Why spend money to get paid promptly?

Would you rather have $1,000 now or $1,000 in a year's time? Whether the money comes in after 1 year or on the 20th of next month, the principle is the same. Cash in the bank today is worth more than cash at some point in the future. Relay lets you decide what good cash flow is worth to your business.

How much does it cost to use Relay?

It is free to request prompt payment. If your request is accepted you will be charged a service fee. This will never be more than the maximum bid that you set. If your customer sends you a prompt payment offer directly the service fee will be displayed clearly as part of the offer. There are no additional fees.

How do prompt payment rewards work?

Cash back rewards incentivise your customers to pay approved invoices before the due date. When you request prompt payment we combine it with other active requests in your supply chain and dynamically generate targeted cash back offers to upstream businesses with cash ready to pay today.

How does our Relay bank account work?

When you join Relay your business is given its own Relay bank account. This account is unique to your business and is where you will receive funds when customers pay promptly. Funds are transferred to this account as soon as your customer accepts a prompt payment offer and can instantly be used to pay your suppliers on Relay. You can withdraw funds from Relay to your verified bank account at any time. All customer funds are held on bare trust in separate bank accounts at BNZ. This ensures that your funds are completely segregated from the business operations of Relay Ltd.

How long does it take to setup Relay?

Most businesses can be up and running in minutes. It's easy to import approved invoices by connecting your ERP or accounting software. You can also upload invoices manually or create them directly in Relay. If you are a larger business we offer a custom integration to your ERP at no charge if required (Conditions Apply). Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Why do I need to get verified?

To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, the law requires us to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who forms a business relationship or conducts an occasional transaction via Relay. When you open an account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth and other information that will allow us to identify you. We may also ask to see your driver’s license or other identifying documents.

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