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Save money
on every invoice

Relay helps finance teams cut costs, increase margins and get through more work in less time

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  • Optimise working capital

  • Automate accounts payable

  • Earn cashback on every invoice you pay early

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Relay makes your finance team 10x more efficient

Relay combines automation with early payment incentives so finance teams can process and pay invoices weeks before the due date.

Accounts Payable team member in a finance team

Buyers pay invoices

5x faster

than manual processing
Supplier who gets their invoice paid early

Suppliers get paid up to

55  days

before the due date

Before Relay

It can take weeks to approve and pay invoices

Before an invoice gets paid, buyers have to key in data, match documents and chase approvals, while suppliers wait for payment.

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Lots of paperwork

Never-ending manual data entry and reconciliations.

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No visibility

No clue if invoice was received, approved or paid already.

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Cashflow gaps

Payments can be delayed days, weeks or even months.

After Relay

You can close your accounts in the first week of the month

No more chasing information. No more waiting around.

Stay aligned across the invoice lifecycle.

Accounts payable process after Relay
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Less busywork

Cut double-handling. Automate everything repetitive.

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Faster collaboration

Track invoice payment status in real-time.

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Better payment terms

Offer and accept early payment at the click of a button.

Solutions for buyers

Better processes, instant savings

Automate Accounts Payable 

Automate manual and repetitive tasks across the invoice lifecycle from receipt to payment.

Earn Cashback for Early Payment

Capture early payment savings at scale - earn cashback every time you pay an invoice early.

Grocery retailer stocking shelves
Cashback is received for paying invoices early
82% of invoices are processed automatically
Construction subcontractors looking at invoices
Subcontractor receives early payment offer for invoice

Solutions for suppliers

Cashflow under your control

Get Paid Faster and Improve Cashflow

View all your invoices in one place and accept or request early payment when you need it.

Solution for Buyers
Soluton for Suppliers

There's a better way to do AP

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