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GPR Concrete Scanning uses Relay to fuel business growth

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Relay early payments GPR customer story

Turning passion into a business

How good is it to find your calling? Kayne Laughton, owner and operator of GPR Concrete Scanning, knows he has found his sweet spot and passion in life. He runs his concrete scanning, cutting and core drilling business based on Auckland’s Northshore, working with dozens of construction customers and subcontractors to deliver the best service in the industry. Kayne was hooked on the smell of concrete and fumes from day one.

“...a young man allowed to rev engines to the limit while making money is a dream come true!”

Kayne started his journey in the construction industry over 15 years ago as an apprentice working at North Habour Concrete Cutters. After spending over a decade learning from the best in the industry, he found himself with an employer that went into liquidation. While that would have disheartened the average Joe, Kayne turned the unfortunate circumstances into an advantage and set up his own business.

“Everyone was encouraging me to go out on my own. It was the perfect opportunity because I had a strong client base straight away.”

From construction operator to business whizz

Though it can be daunting to start your own business, Kayne had the experience and support to make it a success from day one. But don’t be fooled - it’s not just fun and games. The independence and earning potential that comes with owning a business goes hand in hand with a lot of hard work. And we’re not just talking about juggling customers, contractors and construction jobs. Kayne had to buckle down and upskill himself on developing a business mindset and managing end-to-end operations - anything from advertising the business online to keeping a close eye on cash flows. After all, even the most profitable businesses have been known to go bankrupt because of poor cash management.

Kayne from GPR Concrete Scanning

Kayne has always had a keen interest in growth and development. His thirst for knowledge doesn’t just stop with researching the latest saws and drills but also translates to trying different business tactics. He found out about Relay from one of his bigger construction customers who made him a prompt payment offer. Initially sceptical, Kayne got on board with receiving early payments from Relay and hasn’t looked back.

“It has honestly helped a lot getting the money through sooner. The fee to get the money out was next to nothing.”

Fuelling growth with early payments

Let’s face it - cash is king. Having a good cash balance and strong cash flow not only gives business owners peace of mind - it also provides the flexibility and confidence to make investments that can grow the business and funnel back money.

Relay early payments customer testimonial

Getting access to early payments has given Kayne additional confidence to sustainably control the movement of funds in and out of his business. The construction industry isn’t slowing down and with that GPR Concrete Scanning’s growth will be unstoppable if cash is managed smartly. Kayne sees Relay as another tool to fuel that growth. And he’s spreading the word.

“Getting money early is huge for a small business. I have been recommending Relay to all of my mates.”

If you want to find out how Relay can help your business with cashflow, get in touch.


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