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Speed up

Goodbye monthly payment runs. Manage invoices and bills in a dedicated bank account so you can move money without delays.

Construction workers shaking hands on new business payments

Women in a grocery store

Spend less time on admin

Automate the ordinary, simply pay and get paid

Automate everything that can be automated between order and payment. Only deal with the things that deserve your attention - like spending time growing your business.

Accounts payable administrator

Get real-time visibility

Stop chasing invoices every month

Get on the same page with your customers and suppliers. Everyone sees the same order, bill, invoice and payment status. No more lost invoices in your inbox or payment run headaches at the end of the month.

Two men talking about cashflow

Optimise cashflow

Collaborate to keep
money moving

Manage the flow of money on a platform that’s designed for collaboration with your business
partners. Because we’re built around payments, you can move cash without delays.

Relay is cashflow automation

A toolkit for secure, fast and automated payments

Relay’s cashflow automation platform makes it easy for you to manage all your invoice payments with a dedicated bank account for working capital.

Fraud protection

Stay protected from invoice fraud and ensure that payments are sent to the correct legal entity. We verify every business registered on Relay.

Dedicated bank account

Control cashflow with a dedicated bank account to manage working capital. Send and receive payments without sharing your bank account details.


Quickly and easily create and send invoices. You can manage everything from order to payment in Relay.

Business portal

Give your customers and suppliers a single place to view, manage, schedule and pay all your invoices.

Simplify your finances

Automate payments, get on with business

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Improve cashflow

Get paid today. Access cash at a lower rate than borrowing or overdrafts. Invest in your business and be prepared for the unexpected.

Automate accounts payable

Do more with less. Paper and pdf invoices are a thing of the past. Move beyond tedious tasks so you can focus on value.

Earn cashback

Give suppliers access to affordable cashflow on demand, while generating bottom line savings for your business


Get set up on Relay 
for free

Create a Relay account in minutes - no risk, no fees.

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