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Bringing cashflow to the 21st century

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In New Zealand, over $15B worth of invoices are held up awaiting payment every month leaving many small businesses at risk of running out of cash while waiting to get paid. Taking on debt is often the only option when faced with a critical cashflow gap but many smaller businesses can struggle with access to low-cost finance options.

When worse comes to worst, the default behaviour for many is to delay payment to downstream suppliers while waiting for their invoices to get paid. This results in a vicious cycle of late payments as the problem cascades down the supply chain and one late payment leads to another. It's an age old problem that continues to cause sleepless nights and untold stress for business owners around the country.


At the heart of the problem lies the traditional trade credit model where businesses provide goods and services up-front on the promise of payment weeks or months later. It's a system where suppliers are essentially providing credit to their customers every time they make a purchase.


Unlike bank credit where you are expected to pay interest on the value of your loan, when a business offers trade credit to its customers it does not charge any interest. Yes, you heard that right. Under the traditional trade credit system businesses are providing billions of dollars in interest-free credit to their customers every year.

It's a hugely successful system that helps power the global economy by providing an immense $80T pool of interest-free working capital to the world's businesses. That working capital might be interest-free but it doesn't come without cost.

Every dollar of trade credit provided to your customers represents an equal amount of value created by your business. Value created through time and effort using hard earned capital and equipment that didn't come for free.

While you wait for that dollar of value to be returned you take on the risk that it might never arrive or might not arrive in time. A dollar in your bank account today is more valuable than a dollar that might be in your bank account 60 days from now.


As long as your customer holds that value your business goes without. Unable to put those funds to better use, to invest in growing your business or to take advantage of opportunities that arise unexpectedly.

What could you do with that dollar today? How much is that worth to your business?

At Relay we're on a mission to eliminate late payments and get cash moving through the economy faster.

We're flipping the traditional trade credit model on its head by asking businesses to pay invoices as soon as they are approved rather than waiting until the due date.

Our invoice payment platform makes this possible and prices the time value of money into every invoice. We automate away manual billing processes and reward buyers with instant cashback every time they pay an invoice before the due date.

Now your customers have a good reason to pay early.

We believe it's time that trade credit practices joined the 21st century.

We'd love you to join us on our journey.

Michael McFadden

Founder & CEO

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How we’re changing the world of invoice payments

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Create connections

Everything starts with people. We build connections that bring businesses together, so they can discover new partners, and connect with the ones they already have.

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Embrace collaboration

A common understanding is essential to simplicity. We create a shared view for businesses that lets them work together and stay on the same page.

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Automate everything

If it can be automated it should be. We continually question the way things are done so we can eliminate inefficiencies. What's left are the things that really deserve attention from a human.

Our team

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Michael McFadden

Chief Executive Officer

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Linda Block

Head of Product Marketing

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Don Chin

Lead Software Engineer

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Ryan Tabada

Senior Software Engineer

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Jae Joo


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Matt Smith

Product Manager

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Sidharth Devaraj

Frontend Engineer

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Ren Saito

Junior QA Engineer

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Patrick Lim

Designer Developer

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