Reduce project costs by paying early

Run an early payment programme with Relay to give your subcontractors ultimate cashflow flexibility, and earn a strong return on cash deposits.

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Put your cash balance to work and support your supply chain

Earn up to 8% p.a. on funds paid early to subcontractors via Relay.

Give your finance team another tool to promote healthy margins.

Differentiate your business as a best-in-class payer.

Strengthen subcontractor relationships

Optimise working capital

Maximise yield on surplus cash

How does it work?

1. Approve progress claims

2. Offer prompt payment

3. Earn a risk free return

Import approved progress claims from your construction management or accounting software. Choose which claims are eligible for early payment.

Select how much to allocate towards early payment each month. Subcontractors can claim instant payment on approved claims at a competitive rate.

Generate an average 8% p.a. return on funds deposited into Relay. Your subcontractors are paid immediately using the cash you reserved for early payment.

Why Relay?

Generate a higher rate of return on cash balances

While bank interest rates near historic lows, an early payment programme lets you deploy cash to increase yield without increasing risk.

Strengthen your supply chain

Only 17% of Kiwi subcontractors report having zero issues with cashflow. Help support a robust supply chain by giving access to low-cost, early payment on-demand.

Stand out in the crowd


Cashflow is the top priority for many subcontractors. Differentiate yourself in a competitive market by helping trusted subcontractors with a critical issue.

Relay is the early payment programme that pays for itself

Optimise your cash cycle and create a revenue stream from your finance team.

Secure bank account


Protecting your money is paramount. Relay's team of payments experts ensure world-class security of funds in your dedicated trust account.

Payables automation


Relay automates the entire payment process to improve margins without increasing workload for busy finance and commercial teams.

Streamlined on-boarding


Get subcontractors up and running seamlessly with online workflows and dedicated support from our customer success team.

Start generating a risk free return on your cash balance today

Implement in hours. Setup and use Relay for free.