Get cashback for early payment.

Pay invoices early to support your suppliers and earn a return on your cash in the bank.

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The new payment standard

Reduce costs by paying early

Pay your suppliers early and help them get affordable access to cash while generating hard savings for your business.

Make better use of cash in the bank

Money does no good sitting in your account, earning record low returns of ~1% p.a. Instead, drive a risk-free return of >8% p.a. simply by paying your bills early.

Invest in the resilience of your supply chain

By supporting your suppliers with cashflow, you’re investing in their financial stability and growth. You will become the customer everyone wants to work with.

Drive internal efficiencies through automation

The early payments programme is the perfect catalyst to streamline and simplify your monthly payments run. Balance the processing of invoices throughout the month instead of finding yourself in a mad rush at the end of it.

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“Relay is another tool in your toolbox. With anything that can deliver a saving at no cost - you’d be mad not to look at it.”

Matt Potton

CFO, Form Building & Development

How it works

Pay early, earn cashback

Approve invoices

Import approved invoices from your ERP, accounting software, or through Relay's Accounts Payable Automation. Choose which suppliers are eligible for early payment.

Offer prompt payment

Select how much you want to allocate towards early payment each month. Suppliers can claim instant payment on approved invoices at affordable rates.

Earn a risk-free return

We pay you cashback when you make early payments. Your suppliers are paid immediately using your allocated cash reserve.


Why Relay?

Earn a return on your cash without lifting a finger

Buyer earns cashback by paying supplier early

No contract

We’re confident that you’ll love Relay so we won’t lock you in. Cancel any time.

No fees

We do things a little differently. We pay you! Yes, you read that right. Simply pay your bills early and start earning cashback immediately.

No hassle

We’ll take care of everything end-to-end, including integrations with the systems you’re already using.

Get Started

Invite suppliers to your early payments programme

Relay’s secure cashflow automation platform comes with everything you need to get your suppliers up and running.

Secure bank account

Control cashflow with a dedicated bank account to manage working capital. Send and receive payments without sharing your bank details.

Supplier portal

Give your suppliers one place to view, manage and track all invoices. Don’t leave them guessing when they’ll get paid. Suppliers get notified once you
schedule the payment.

Programme launch

We support you end-to-end with all aspects of running an early payments programme. Introduce the programme to your suppliers as a value-added service.

Fraud Protection

Protect your business from invoice fraud and ensure that payments are sent to the correct legal entity.

Cloud integrations

Automatically import bills and invoices directly from your accounting software, ERP or job management app.


Quickly and easily create and send electronic invoices for free.


No fees. Just cashback.

Join the real-time payments revolution today!