Faster invoice payments
... cashflow gaps

Relay combines early payment incentives with automation so finance teams can process and pay invoices faster than ever before.

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Why Relay

Get everyone on the same page

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Less admin and reconciliation work

Cut out double-handling and automate everything repetitive - the reconciliation work that goes into each invoice reduces dramatically on a network.

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Faster collaboration and payments

Stop chasing invoice information every month by accessing the same invoice, bill and payment status in a shared portal.

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Better payment terms for buyers and suppliers

Relay standardises early payment incentives so buyers and suppliers can offer and accept early payment at the click of a button.

The Problem

Manual, siloed invoice processing is killing finance teams

Finance teams waste headcount on data entry and reconciliation work while they miss out on early payment discounts due to slow processing.


On the other hand, suppliers are waiting for payment, having to fill cashflow gaps out of their own pocket or take out high-interest loans.

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The Solution

Combine automation with collaboration

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For Buyers

Digitise finance processes to drive efficiencies and turn your back-office into a value-adding function.

Automate accounts payable

Automate manual and repetitive tasks across the invoice lifecycle from receipt to payment.

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Early Payments for Buyers

Standardise prompt payment incentives so you can capture early payment discounts at scale.

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For Suppliers

Always know when your invoices are scheduled for payment and have the option to get paid before the due date.

Early Payments for Suppliers

View your invoice payments in a centralised portal and accept or request early payment when you need it.

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Turn invoice payments from 🤬 to 🤩