Get paid today,
not next month.

Make faster invoice payments a reality and get paid weeks before the due date of your invoice. 

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Why Relay

Faster invoice payments - on your terms

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Fill cashflow gaps with the money you're owed

Why pay for bills, materials and salaries out of your own pocket? Smooth out cashflow gaps and seasonal fluctuations with early payment from your customers.

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Forget the stress of late payments

Take the guesswork out of payment collection. Get notified when your invoices have been viewed, approved and scheduled for payment.

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Grow your business with cashflow

Make those investments you've been thinking about. Take plans off hold and invest money back into your business.

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“Getting money early is huge for a small business. I have been recommending Relay to all of my mates”

Kayne Laughton

Owner, GPR Concrete Scanning

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How it works

Early invoice payments whenever you need them

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Accept an early payment offer and get paid quickly

Relay sends you an early payment offer on behalf of your customer.

The service fee for early payment will be stated clearly on your offer. If you're happy with the fee, simply accept the offer and withdraw funds immediately.

View your invoices and upcoming payments

If you don't want to get paid early this month, you can still sign up to Relay.


Relay gives you visibility of all past and upcoming invoice payments so you know when the money will land in your account.


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Request early payment

If you haven't received an early payment offer you can request prompt payment from your customers in Relay.

Decide which invoices you want paid early and how much you are happy to spend. Receive instant payment when your customer accepts the request. 


Customer Stories

Why small businesses love Relay

G&T Civil and Foundations

"I'd recommend Relay to anyone running their own construction business.


Getting peace of mind about money coming in, being able to pay our subcontractors on time and having the option to improve cashflow with early payments has been such a game changer."

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Damson Collection

"Cashflow is the biggest hand break for small businesses. To keep a business growing, money needs to keep on circulating back into the business.


Relay is great - even getting a couple thousand of dollars early helps keep the wheels turning."


Get started

Invite your customers to Relay

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No paperwork

No application process, no borrowing - just faster invoice payments.

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No risk

There's no risk - we won't charge you unless invoices are paid early.

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No delay

Get paid as soon as your customers approve your invoice.


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