Get paid for paying early

Earn cashback every time you pay an invoice early - support your suppliers with cashflow and earn a risk-free return on idle cash.

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Why Relay

Make paying early profitable


Capture new savings opportunities

We dynamically calculate early payment savings right up to the due date of the invoice. The earlier you pay, the more you cashback you earn.

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Improve supplier relationships

Invest in the financial stability and growth of your supply chain by offering early payment options. Suppliers can choose to accept early payment or wait until the due date.

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Drive internal efficiencies through automation

An early payment programme is the perfect catalyst for streamlining your monthly payment run and balance the processing of invoices throughout the month.


“Relay is another tool in your toolbox. It can deliver a saving at no cost - you’d be mad not to look at it.”

Matt Potton

CFO, Form Building & Development

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How it works

Get started with a payables file

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Automatically import invoices to Relay

Import approved invoices from your ERP, accounting software, or through Relay's Accounts Payable Automation.

It's easy to get started - simply send us an extract of approved payables and we'll do the rest.

Load money into your Relay account

You will manage the early payments programme through your "Working Capital Account" - a Relay bank account.

You can decide how little or how much you would like to deposit into this account.

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Set your required rate of return

Start making offers to your suppliers by setting your required rate of return - our customers usually earn a return of 8%-12% p.a.

Start earning cashback immediately

We will take care of all end-to-end aspects of running an early payment programme.

You can sit back and collect cashback every time a supplier accepts the early payment offer. Your suppliers are paid immediately using your allocated cash reserve.

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Supplier Testimonials

Offer more value to your suppliers

"I love getting an early payment message from Relay.


The best thing about Relay is how easy it is to use. Just login and get the money - always makes my day."

Todd Hunter

CEO, Ican Contracting

"Cashflow is the biggest hand break for small businesses. To keep a business growing, money needs to keep on circulating back into the business.


Relay is great - even getting a couple thousand of dollars early keeps the wheels turning."

Fiona Tomlinson

Owner, Damson Collection

"It's awesome to see the $13k, $20k - whatever it is - landing in my bank account early.


I could use that to invest in a new saw and keep my business growing - delivering the highest quality service on the market to my customers"

Kayne Laughton

Owner, GPR Concrete Scanning

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Get started

Make paying early profitable

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No contract

We’re confident that you’ll love Relay so we won’t lock you in. Cancel any time.

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No fees

We do things a little differently. We pay you! Pay your bills early and start earning cashback.

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No hassle

We’ll take care of everything, including integrations with the systems you’re already using.


No fees. Just cashback.