Spend 80% less time on invoice processing.

Receive, extract and code invoice data, automate approvals, schedule payments and reconcile the books without lifting a finger.

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Accounts Payable Automation

Get through more invoices faster, without hiring more staff

Reduce operational costs

Cut the manual labour that goes into each invoice by automating repetitive data entry and reconciliation tasks.

Speed up finanacial close

Reduce the time it takes to close the books by processing thousands of invoices in minutes, not weeks.

Eliminate payment errors

No more incorrect payments or reports due to spreadsheets, manual data entry and double-handling.

“Relay made it possible to reduce manual data entry and reconciliation time. We can now redirect accounts payable resources to cost accounting, adding more value to the business.”

Peter McKay

CFO, Farro

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How it works

Automate everything tedious from invoice to payment

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Your secure invoice inbox and digital archive

Automatically forward supplier invoices to Relay. Store all documents in one place - accessible at all times, from anywhere.

What's included

  • Capture invoices via email

  • Search documents by any level of detail

  • Securely store documents for 7 years

  • Add or import credit notes 

  • Audit trail of invoices, approvals and payments​

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Scan, match and approve with accuracy 

Goodbye busywork. Eliminate data entry tasks with AI-powered data extraction. Drastically reduce the time you spend reconciling and approving invoices with automated PO matching.

What's Included

  • OCR data extraction for PDF documents

  • Integrate with your POS system to pull PO data

  • Match invoices to POs for auto-approval

  • Approval workflows for variances and non-PO invoices

  • Code the invoice or line-items to your GL


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Schedule payments for the due date

Pay suppliers without CSV uploads to your banking system. Simply schedule invoices to be paid on the due date and payments are processed in Relay directly.

What's Included

  • Schedule one or multiple invoices for payment

  • Process payments directly in Relay

  • Auto-sync with your accounting software

  • Option to offer early payment and earn cashback

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Easily integrate with the systems you're already using

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“Our goal is to have a quicker and smoother month-end closing process so we have absolute confidence in the accuracy and timeliness of management information. ”


"We're now processing 83% of invoices without human touch which has saved us one FTE and reduced the month-end closing process by about one week."


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