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Our story

Our Founder and CEO Michael got obsessed with the cashflow problem while working as Head of Innovation at Paymark, NZ’s largest payments processor.

He realised that the innovation in consumer payments hadn’t made its way to the business world which functions on the trade credit model. SMEs deliver goods and services up front for a promise to be paid weeks or even months later. Trade credit is interest-free lending. 

SMEs give over US$200B of goods on IOU in NZ alone, without the systems, expertise, and incentives that banks use to promote timeliness of payments. 

Michael founded Relay in 2019 because he was genuinely passionate about helping small business owners get money in the door. 

On a personal level, poor cash flow means sleepless nights and stress for business owners. At the macro scale, solving the cashflow conundrum will have a meaningful impact on the economy.

Relay's founder Michael McFadden

Our team

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Michael McFadden

Chief Executive Officer

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Utsav Sharma

Chief Technology Officer

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Linda Block

Head of Product Marketing

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Don Chin

Lead Software Engineer

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Ryan Tabada

Senior Software Engineer

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Jae Joo

Test Automation Engineer

How we’re changing the world of business payments

Create connection

Everything starts with connections. We build communities that bring businesses together, so they can discover new partners, and connect with the ones they already have.

Embrace collaboration

A common understanding is essential to simplicity. We create a shared view for businesses that lets them work together and stay on the same page.

Automate everything

If it can be automated it should be. We continually question ways business works to eliminate inefficiency. What's left are the things that really deserve attention from a human.

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Matt Smith

Product Manager

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Ren Saito

Junior QA Engineer


Patrick Lim

Designer Developer


Our investors

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